20/05/20 - Things are up in the air at the moment we don't know what Timo's availability is next month due to childcare.

We have not released any appointments after June 1st as yet. If you can't find an appointment to suit please check back in a day or two. If you query this with us we will not be able to provide an answer before the end of the week.

We are still trying to wrestle the diary under control so we can be more reactive to quick and urgent jobs. We still have measures in place to manage workflow. These are as follows:

  • Dan is on surgery duties - that means repairs, light tuning, parts fitting while you wait - this is to get people on the road quickly. 
  • Timo is lurking in the back room doing the servicing (bigger jobs, preventative maintenance etc)
  • Use our booking system to make an appointment  - please read the descriptions of the appointments. If in doubt, ask us what to book.
  • If you book a repair (30 minute appointment or less) you need to turn up at the time you book and wait for it.
  • If you book a longer job, it is preferable that you bring in the bike at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day before so Timo can get his head down and get on with his day with as few interruptions as possible. If you cant bring the bike in at that time, please turn up at the time that you book.
  • If you can't find a repair to match your needs pick up the phone for advice or email us. (note, we often find it difficult to answer the phone (it rings a lot) so our webform is sometimes a little more reliable for getting hold of us).

There are rules. Read the rules. Obey the rules.

  1. Only one person allowed in the workshop at any point (don't worry if you forget this bit - we will shout at you if you flout this rule)
  2. Please don't hug the mechanic - Yes we are heroes, but a fulsome round of applause from a responsible distance will suffice (if you ignore this rule you will simply create an socially awkward situation - we will deal with this in the traditional British fashion, apologise to you, but go home to our wives at the end of the day impotently moaning about how someone tried to murder us with viruses)
  3. DO NOT use the word 'ju*t' at any time. To a mechanic this is like walking in and dropping the c-bomb. It is impolite and likely to cause rage.
  4. Try to avoid ending sentences with prepositions. Yes it is an accepted practice but it makes Dan wince as it demonstrates lack of forward planning in sentence construction. If it happens too much in one day he will get a nosebleed.

Booking In: Please click the red banner at the top of this page to go to the booking page.

Please excuse the inflexible manner in which we are working. We realise that it wont suit everybody, but we are as busy as ten men and trying to work out the best way to get as many people as possible back on the road.

What we do



Find us in our workshop for servicing, repairs & tuition, or if you know what you are doing you can come and play on one of our benches.

If you've got an emergency like a flat tyre or another issue that might be a quick fix, then feel free to drop in as often we can down tools and help you out.  While you're here, you can grab a cup of coffee/tea, relax on the sofa and talk to us if you like.

We often have second hand bikes for sale too and only charge for the labour and parts use on each bike (have a look at our shop page).



As of the Beginning of March you won't find us at the Tobacco Factory Market any more. Instead, you will find one of us lurking in the workshop for a few hours on Sunday mornings (except the last Sunday of the month). Call to find out if we are in.

We will still be going to the Long Ashton market on the first Saturday of the month - no change there.

Market and sunday jobs are generally quick repairs to get you back on the road and it's a first come first served basis so you don't need to book. If your bike has been booked in for service on the Monday, You can also drop your bike on the Sunday. 


Tools and cool stuff

Tools are our toys. If you want advice on which tools to buy have a chat. What we don't have in stock, we can order in.

We also have loads of really cool stuff loved by keen cyclists, particularly those who wield a spanner. 

We don't have an online shop as Dan has been threatening to sort it out for some time right after he has done the grouting in his bathroom at home. Our sales are one of those old fashioned in person kind of arrangements.

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!


6 Myrtle Street, Bristol, Bristol, BS3 1JE, United Kingdom

Workshop Landline 01179 633 891


At the moment as we are appointment only, normal opening hours are not particularly relevant. We are just releasing appointments at the times that someone is available. Dan is in broadly during normal operating hours, but this is subject to change with no notice.

Fill in our enquiry form. It'll be fun!