Bike Servicing in Bristol

Before we get in to the detailed stuff, here's some general bits of useful information...

Our standard hourly labour charge is £40 per hour.

Our minimum labour charge is £10.

All prices listed below do not include parts.

We can source pretty much all bike parts, so whether you need new inner tubes or new forks, we can usually help.

Details of what is included in each service is outlined below and will be carried out if they are required.

We would advise that the following are done / checked roughly every 100 miles:

  • Chain wear (chains will wear and if not looked after / replaced in time, will mean other components may need replacing)
  • Cleaning of chain to ensure efficient gear shifting and to prolong the life of parts
  • Inspection of brake pads and tyres for wear
  • Check for play in bearings (headset, hubs and bottom bracket)

For high end / full suspension MTBs, please see our specific MTB price list.


Service List

The above costs are a general guide, but if your bike is time consuming to work on these prices may vary. If you don't collect your bike from us in a timely manner it will not be covered by our insurance and we will charge storage or sell the bike to recover costs.